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Marie Therese Shelly

International trainer Marie Therese Shelly’s eclectic healthcare qualifications in reflexology, psychology, nursing, midwifery, counselling and education has provided her with a deep understanding of health and sickness.

A sole director of the Galway Institute of Wellbeing and Reflexology,, Marie Therese is committed to teaching excellence in Reflexology since 1988 and is responsible for training many of today’s well known reflexologists

Prior to that time she was on the working party with UCHG which was responsible for introducing the Health Education Diploma and Nursing Degree Programme. She taught the Health Education Diploma course, but went into the private sector before the Nursing Degree became a reality.

Marie Therese designed and provided programmes on Interpersonal Communications for Health Care Professionals in the North Western Health Board and Eastern Health Board. She also designed and provided courses on Positive Self Awareness in UCHG, Self Help Groups, FAS, Educational Diocesan Centres Retreat Centres, Secondary schools throughout Ireland and the UK. These programmes were supported by her own audio cassettes. Part of these cassettes included a Relaxation Tape which-by word of mouth, became part of a recovery plan for Cardiac patients in St Vincent’s and Mercers Hospital in Dublin.

Marie Therese is a regular contributor to voluntary organisations and facilitated the development of the Roscam Doughiska Parent, Baby and Toddler group which helps to elevate the problem of social isolation in young parents in the newly developed Doughiska area.

Accredited Reflexology Tuto , Nurse and Midwife for the past 25 years.

Private Practise.
Specialising in infertility and pregnancy.

Consultation Rooms
Granary Therapy Centre. Granary Lane Galway City Centre.
If you would like help with any aspect of infertility or pregnancy please do not hesitate Call, text @ 087 2350068 or email and I will do my very best to help in any way I can.
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